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  1. "He'll get 15 bids from cabinetmakers ."
  2. The architect relishes his youthful memories of the cabinetmaker's shop.
  3. Boulle is considered the first great French-born cabinetmaker.
  4. Furniture makers apprenticed with English-trained cabinetmakers from Boston or London.
  5. Boston cabinetmakers were more into English pattern-book design,
  6. In England, cabinetmakers called their technique " japanning ."
  7. The different industries consisted of various clockmakers, cabinetmakers, artistic gilders.
  8. This style was interpreted by United States cabinetmakers such as Francois Seignouret.
  9. This early Victorian style heavily influenced American cabinetmakers such as Joseph Meeks.
  10. As a teenager, he was apprenticed to a cabinetmaker in Middlebury.
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