by inches in a sentence

by inches meaning in Hindi


  1. TV replays showed his slashing bat missed the ball by inches.
  2. And Nomo's inning began to unravel . . . by inches.
  3. Now the Chechens say they will defend Grozny inch by inch.
  4. On Nos . 2 and 3, Hardin missed birdies by inches.
  5. As Marseille was leaning forward the rounds missed him by inches.
  6. He missed three birdie putts on the back nine by inches.
  7. Harvick by inches ! " are memorable to many NASCAR fans.
  8. And in a tight photo, the great Lure missed by inches.
  9. Perry missed birdies by inches on Nos . 10 and 11.
  10. I don't ever want to see you stopped by inches again.
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