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  1. "By hook or by crook we've got to get the best team out ."
  2. "So by hook or by crook they'll do it ."
  3. We've got to get the result no matter how, by hook or by crook ."
  4. They haven't been elected to that, and they want that by hook or by crook,"
  5. Narrative feature : " By Hook or by Crook"
  6. The desire to be better than the next guy, by hook or by crook, will prevail.
  7. "Ultimately, by hook or by crook, people are going to take George seriously, " he said.
  8. What does the expression " by hook or by crook " mean . . . literally?
  9. "I'll advertise by hook or by crook ."
  10. For nearly 70 years, the PRI has held on to power by hook or by crook.
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