buzzers in a sentence

buzzers meaning in Hindi


  1. Converse Inc . has told Dennis Rodman the buzzer has sounded.
  2. We have come to expect buzzer-beaters in the NCAAs.
  3. Ewing caught the miss and hugged it until the buzzer sounded.
  4. At the final buzzer, Stringer was mobbed by her players.
  5. However, the Cotton Bowl beat it to the final buzzer.
  6. TV replays indicated Leatherman's shot came after the buzzer.
  7. Reed took it, and it went in at the buzzer.
  8. Harper didn't draw iron on shot at the buzzer.
  9. The buzzer sounds in Rink 2 at the Valley Sports Arena.
  10. Three of those were theirs to win approaching the final buzzer.
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