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  1. The city was a station on the Butterfield Overland Mail route.
  2. He consulted William Butterfield on the design of the development plan.
  3. Meade distrusted Butterfield, but retained him as chief of staff.
  4. The building was restored in 1850 by the architect William Butterfield.
  5. Bloomfield demurred, preferring to continue playing with the Butterfield Band.
  6. Butterfield then met with Baker ( whom he knew slightly ).
  7. Butterfield did, however, play a minor role in Watergate.
  8. Accordingly, top runners like George Butterfield all failed to advance.
  9. He played as a duo with fellow Butterfield bandsman Mike Bloomfield.
  10. Swann attacks Butterfield and tells D'Amour to rescue Dorothea.
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