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  1. It is rarely used alone, but primarily used in bursting charges of small caliber ammunition, in upper charges of detonators in some land mines and shells, and as the explosive core of detonation cord.
  2. The very heavy Russian casualties suffered in the battle were the result of two factors : the bursting charges in Japanese shells was picric acid ( trinitrophenol ) which on detonation turned the shells into very large numbers of fragments.
  3. Bursting charges were 7.25 lbs . ( 3.3 kg ) Explosive D Composition A, the Special Common had only 0.9-1.2 kg due to its thicker walls ( AP ).
  4. The Composition " A " bursting charge is loaded in the same manner as the tetryl charge, except that the relay pellet with the Composition " A " weighs as against for the pellet used with the tetryl load.
  5. The rear cavity of these projectiles was capable of receiving a small bursting charge of about 2 % of the weight of the complete projectile; when this is used, the projectile is called a shell, not a shot.
  6. The final shrapnel shell design used a much thinner forged steel shell case with a timer fuze in the nose and a tube running through the centre to convey the ignition flash to a gunpowder bursting charge in the shell base.
  7. Krupp first investigated the possibility of building a 35-cm weapon, but instead jumped to 42-cm as this was the smallest shell that could carry the large bursting charge required to fulfill the APK's requirements.
  8. He wrote that some cannons were simply filled with about 100 lead balls, but others, called the " flying-cloud thunderclap eruptor " ( ޘ�N9��p; feiyun pili pao ) had large rounds that produced a bursting charge upon impact.
  9. The fuze then ignited a small " bursting charge " in the base of the shell which fired the balls forward out of the front of the shell case, adding 200 250 ft / second to the existing velocity of 750 1200 ft / second.
  10. When the shell was fired the shock of firing set back a detonator onto a firing pin, which ignited the powder ring, when the burn reached the fuze setting it flashed through a hole into the fuze magazine, which then ignited the bursting charge in the shell.
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