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  1. The Bursting Pulsar is the only known X-ray pulsar that is also a Type II X-ray burster.
  2. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in any event, is now planning two new satellites to investigate more gamma ray bursters.
  3. This led to a sensational surprise last year : some gamma ray bursters appear to be vastly farther away than had been believed.
  4. Terzan 5 also contains an X-ray burster, discovered in 1980, known as Terzan 5 or XB 1745-25.
  5. Because bursters are so brief, satellite controllers trying to track them have trouble aiming at the right point in the sky quickly enough.
  6. They are different from the gamma ray bursters, which seem to be at even greater distances and do not appear to repeat themselves.
  7. A question that might one day affect the survival of life on Earth is the distribution of potential gamma-ray bursters throughout the universe.
  8. Dry-type biologicals resemble talcum powder, and can be disseminated as aerosols using gas expulsion devices instead of a burster or complex sprayer.
  9. The " red shift " of light from the galaxy that apparently spawned the gamma-ray burster was measured as 3.418.
  10. After months of analysis by several scientific teams it became clear, researchers said Wednesday, that the December burster was the most powerful ever documented.
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