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  1. Each Air Force plane is equipped with a special radio, the GPS Hook 112, which will make a " burst transmission " telling rescuers the exact location of a downed pilot.
  2. However, it does not make sense for burst transmissions like satellite internet access or telemetry, since a customer would have to pay for the satellite bandwidth even when they were not using it.
  3. In such cases, the voice may simply be an aid to tuning to the correct frequency, with the actual coded message being sent by modulating the tones, using a technology such as burst transmission.
  4. Concerning wireless keyboards, the wireless data burst transmission can be used as an electromagnetic trigger to detect exactly when a key is pressed, while the matrix scan emanations are used to determine the column it belongs to.
  5. First, a US intelligence officer gave detailed grid-map coordinates of the site and information about the target in a " digital-burst transmission " _ a voice message encrypted and sent out in milliseconds so it is almost impossible to intercept.
  6. Burst transmission in isochronous form enables communication between data terminal equipment ( DTE ) and data networks that operate at dissimilar data signaling rates, such as when the information-bearer channel rate is higher than the DTE output data signaling rate.
  7. The fully automated burst transmission " Kurier system ", in testing from August 1944, could send a " Kurzsignal " in not more than 460 milliseconds; this was short enough to prevent location even by huff-duff and, if deployed, would have been a serious setback for Allied anti-submarine and code-breaking activities.
  8. Isochronous burst transmission has particular application where envelopes are being transferred between data circuit terminating equipment ( DCE ) and only the bytes contained within the envelopes are being transferred between the DCE and the DTE . " Synonyms " : "'burst isochronous " "'( deprecated ) ", "'interrupted isochronous transmission . "'
  9. On the signaling front, GDDR4 expands the chip I / O buffer to 8 bits per two cycles, allowing for greater sustained bandwidth during burst transmission, but at the expense of significantly increased CAS latency ( CL ), determined mainly by the double reduced count of the address / command pins and half-clocked DRAM cells, compared to GDDR3.
  10. Lidar detectors are generally less effective than radar detectors as the emissions they monitor are more brief, more concentrated and less easily scattered than radar; a motorist may therefore not have sufficient time to respond to the burst transmission of a lidar device, or the narrow beam might be focused on a specific part of a vehicle where the sensor cannot " see " it.
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