burst through in a sentence

burst through meaning in Hindi


  1. And wherever the dike collapsed, rivers of cheering, weeping Germans burst through.
  2. On the first play, Dayne burst through the middle for 30 yards.
  3. As the sun bursts through billowing clouds a thousand leagues in red.
  4. The trucks sped up and burst through the government compound's final gates.
  5. A police armored personnel carrier burst through the metal front gate.
  6. We burst through the doors, grab a seat and give thanks.
  7. Normally, the American bursts through the middle section to obliterate opposition.
  8. He bolts to the line of scrimmage, makes his cut and bursts through.
  9. Now everything was different, as if a river had burst through a dam.
  10. Richie screams at her just as a clawed hand bursts through the door.
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