burst out laughing in a sentence

burst out laughing meaning in Hindi


  1. They were reported to have burst out laughing when she died.
  2. It was all we could do not to burst out laughing.
  3. Everyone in the room, including staunch SED members, burst out laughing.
  4. They burst out laughing when the ice cracked under his feet.
  5. When Booth professes his love, Laura casually dismisses him and bursts out laughing.
  6. Sometimes someone cracks a joke in my ear and I burst out laughing,
  7. When the coach left the room, the players burst out laughing.
  8. How am I doing ? " they all burst out laughing.
  9. When the song ends, the kids clap and burst out laughing.
  10. Then she burst out laughing, signaling that she had been joking.
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