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  1. In another court session, Burns described a Freemen's legal arguments as " bunkum ."
  2. The current explanation is bunkum .  Preceding talk ) 19 : 06, 19 September 2013 ( UTC)
  3. Some pre-emptive self-justification which makes it clear the admin started to realize the block was bunkum.
  4. Per the latter, you see, Snopes and Time Magazine are two of many sources which have identified this story as bunkum.
  5. So many people, especially in California, are willing to give up tried beliefs, ones deeply rooted in culture, for bunkum.
  6. :: Some contest this Penrose in Shadows of the mind comes up with some bunkum about humans being capable of a bit more.
  7. All of Rumsfeld's protestations to the contrary, the newspaper said, add up to nothing more than " bunkum ."
  8. We need honest information to help us navigate, not bunkum skewed to flatter one segment of the country, whatever that segment might be.
  9. As for Bob Dole, he is proposing deep tax cuts for all Americans, embracing a radical economic theory that until recently he called bunkum.
  10. When you tell someone the truth about your family, you don't expect them to turn around and say that it's bunkum.
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