bunk bed in a sentence

bunk bed meaning in Hindi


  1. He had his own office with a desk, chair and bunk bed.
  2. 1 ) String pinata from a clothesline, tree or sibling's bunk bed.
  3. The only furnishings were a sink, a toilet and a bunk bed.
  4. Quiet, introverted and soft-spoken, L'Amour remembers hiding under the bunk bed.
  5. He was lying on the lower deck of a double-bunk bed.
  6. The workers slept side by side on bunk beds, mattresses and sleeping bags.
  7. Wood bunk beds allow a dry place for a sleeping bag.
  8. This one was a shabby place, with bunk beds crammed in old parlors.
  9. Thousands are still arriving and organizers have stockpiled bunk beds just in case.
  10. Accommodations on board are rustic, with simple cabins and bunk beds.
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