bungling in a sentence

bungling meaning in Hindi


  1. Unfortunately, Hollywood has so far bungled its approach to cybercrime.
  2. The reconstruction of Afghanistan must not be bungled a second time.
  3. The Bruins also had an interception and a bungled punt snap.
  4. The terrorists to whom Iraq subcontracts the job might bungle it.
  5. And he never bungled the occupation because there was no occupation.
  6. Simpson's lawyers have accused Mazzola of bungling evidence collection.
  7. Generations of Australians have blamed British bungling for their horrible loss.
  8. They bungled two inbounds plays and failed to control a rebound.
  9. Ethiopian and Egyptian investigators have also accused each other of bungling.
  10. Frustrated friends and family members accused Norway of bungling the operation.
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