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  1. The architectural built form of havelis has evolved in response to the climate, lifestyle and availability of material.
  2. Yeang applied these bioclimatic passive-mode principles to the high-rise tower typology; a built form he considers requires revision.
  3. It is not what built forms represent but how they function affectively that makes architecture a critical cultural practice.
  4. In a township dominated by timber and corrugated iron built form, the gaol is distinct as an early concrete structure.
  5. A church built form mud blocks and thatch was consecrated in 1824, and replaced by a stone structure in 1832.
  6. He preferred irregular, hand-built forms, and developed a technique in which a patchwork of different types of clay was used ."
  7. Using carefully placed brush strokes of brilliant colour side by side to build up small squares, she built form in colour.
  8. A central component of the Smartcity is urban agriculture and the establishment of an ecological symbiosis between nature and built form.
  9. Architects like Neutra regarded the city as an evolving topography in which landscape and successive layers of built form intersected over time.
  10. New development will need to reflect the traditional character of Glenbeigh s built form in order to maintain and enhance this tourist asset.
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