bring around in a sentence

bring around meaning in Hindi


  1. "The policies that have been taken by the government haven't been able to bring around concrete results, " he said.
  2. Another, whom she has known since childhood, scolded her, asking, " How many more darkies are you planning to bring around ?"
  3. The'Chalk and Talk'method of Instruction remains the best, provided the teacher takes it on himself to bring around the students to learning.
  4. The company had expected Baycol / Lipobay to bring around 1 billion euros ( dlrs 880 million ) in sales this year.
  5. Then I'd pick up the phone and call Sandy to see if she'd bring around a couple of cups of coffee and Josh.
  6. The US Social Security Administration data center is being relocated to Urbana and is expected to bring around 400 high paying IT jobs.
  7. Projections on how much the SPT Telecom stake will raise vary, but it is expected to bring around dlrs 1 billion, according to analysts.
  8. In 1967, the British Whippet Racing Association was established to bring around reform and consistency in race rules and procedures for races involving non-purebred Whippets.
  9. This could be a good chance for us to build a better relationship . . . this could really bring around a new era of cooperation.
  10. Christie's doesn't want to say publicly what the work is expected to sell for, but experts there believe it could well bring around $ 35 million.
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