book and paper in a sentence

book and paper meaning in Hindi


  1. People can come in and use the books and papers.
  2. Shulgin published many of these objective and subjective reports in his books and papers.
  3. He has published numerous books and papers on Vocabulary acquisition.
  4. Its fall-front panel closes vertically, to conceal books and papers.
  5. She has worked with others in the discipline to author many books and papers.
  6. Books and papers are strewn everywhere, as though its occupants left suddenly and never returned.
  7. I spent a number of years studying rather esoteric books and papers on the subject.
  8. In all, he published over 150 books and papers.
  9. Freezing books and papers to kill insects is a common preserotein and starch in books.
  10. King was the author of more than 30 professional books and papers, mostly on cardiology.
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