booing in a sentence

booing meaning in Hindi


  1. Booing Everett might have relieved some of the fans'frustration.
  2. The booing has subsided and a labor agreement has been reached.
  3. He also has accused Chicago fans of booing only black players.
  4. Enthusiastic applause and playful booing followed some of the answers given.
  5. I suppose booing is a way of getting back at me.
  6. A Djindjic aide said the booing was engineered by Milosevic loyalists.
  7. Cameron was amused by Yankees fans habit of booing their own.
  8. Philadelphia 76ers fans have been relentlessly booing Matt Geiger for months.
  9. Chanting and booing continued through the majority of the fourth quarter.
  10. Lynette yells at teenagers attending the game who are booing Parker.
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