boogeymen in a sentence

boogeymen meaning in Hindi


  1. The gay boogeyman or woman can still be exploited by demagogues with impunity.
  2. Hef blamed Playboy's decline on his favorite boogeyman : the puritan.
  3. There are other boogeymen being used in the race.
  4. Tim is briefly attacked by the Boogeyman when he enters the downstairs closet.
  5. But he is captured and taken away by the Boogeyman
  6. Now Jillian's account of the boogeyman is starting to make sense.
  7. This time, the boogeyman will be hunger.
  8. Republicans and Democrats are already busy targeting boogeymen among each other's ranks.
  9. This turned out to be the last time Little Boogeyman appeared on WWE TV.
  10. The police arrive and discover that under the Boogeyman mask was Dr . Ryan.
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