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  1. He sips Boodles gin after a hard day.
  2. Boodles even put in an RFC, which is hil-a-rious.
  3. I have repeatedly asked Boodles to state the purported goal but to no avail.
  4. Another essential would have been a fine English gin such as Boodles British Gin.
  5. Boodle was also produced locally by members of the gang, notably Matthew Udell.
  6. But the strike indirectly led to the " sensational exposures of the boodle ring ".
  7. Badinage about boodle dominates our discussion.
  8. The club came to be known after the name of its head waiter, Edward Boodle.
  9. In the second half of the 20th century Boodles emerged as a retailer of bespoke jewellery.
  10. Pegram packed the boodles of money into his bag, which also contained a . 357 Magnum.
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