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  1. Eagleburger, on the other hand, is " blustery.
  2. Many party members also resent his blustery, autocratic leadership style.
  3. Woods wasn't immune to the blustery conditions, either.
  4. The blustery weather has done little to slow Bailey, though.
  5. Federer said blustery winds and a slippery court made it difficult.
  6. The weather was typically English _ rainy, cool and blustery.
  7. And few noticed his early exit Friday from blustery Royal Troon.
  8. Play started in cold and blustery, yet sunny, conditions.
  9. Occasional cold fronts moving through the area bring blustery northwest winds.
  10. On a suitably blustery English day, Conran was touring his fief.
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