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  1. Normally committed people cower beneath his blustering.
  2. They see the increased activity as nothing more than the blustering of a federal agency.
  3. The first set has been a breeze for blustering Venus Williams, 6-2.
  4. Why bother forcing the issue with the tiny, mountainous republic and its blustering dictator?
  5. But his defence descended into blustering, and the jury returned a verdict of guilty.
  6. A reputation for bullying and blustering?
  7. But for all his blustering, Spong is neither a true liberal nor a true theologian.
  8. The wind's not blustering . . . so the scoring is there ."
  9. Right now my friends tell me he's blustering, threatening, being a big man.
  10. The portrayal of Ahern as blustering and inarticulate but infinitely shrewd set the tone for the future.
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