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blurrier meaning in Hindi


  1. The interpolated image has no sharp edges, but is considerably blurrier . ]]
  2. The lines now are a lot blurrier.
  3. And, as the presidential campaign approaches, the picture is likely to become even blurrier.
  4. Today the divisions are far blurrier.
  5. The problem is that the more you zoom in digitally, the blurrier the image gets.
  6. The line between editorial and advertising isn't the only one that's getting blurrier.
  7. I got one, but wasn't happy with the results ( larger but blurrier ).
  8. The harder you look at the man known as Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, the blurrier the picture becomes.
  9. As job categories became blurrier in the 1990s, many companies started classifying workers as professionals and managers.
  10. The line between whimsical wit and preciousness is definitely blurrier in the stage version, directed by Shirley Kaplan.
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