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  1. To overcome the problem, hot mineral concentrated water was deliberately wasted ( blowing down ) from the boiler from time to time.
  2. Bush stayed in the stadium for hours Friday night, usually behind glass, but open to the chill wind blowing down the Wasatch Range.
  3. Two bounced off his windshield, and his car was blown off the road and into a front yard, where trees were blowing down.
  4. The new box office's entrance was directly in the path of winds blowing down from the mountain, making it especially cold in winter.
  5. This evening the officers resorted to dynamite and succeeded in blowing down a part of the cabin and setting fire to the remainder.
  6. In Lagos, under a sky made hazy by the harmattan winds that have been blowing down sands from the Sahara, voting appeared largely peaceful.
  7. The yearly Harmattan wind blowing down from the Sahara has coated the town in a fine dust, leaving everything covered in shades of brown.
  8. His Excellency was hours late ( for some reason or other ) and the strong sea breeze kept blowing down the curtain covering the plaque.
  9. The storm packed winds of 100 kilometers ( 60 miles ) per hour, blinding drivers, blowing down trees and billboards, and briefly shutting Cairo's airport.
  10. Feeling insulted, the Wolf retaliates by blowing down the straw house, forcing the pigs to go to the Dew Drop Inn, the House of Sticks.
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