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  1. That's when black-masked NATO troops swept into the village, blowing down doors and lifting carpets in their search for Karadzic.
  2. The name is derived from the wind blowing down structures erected by the military during highway construction in 1942 43.
  3. On an algebraic surface, blowing down a curve lying on the surface is a typical effect of a birational transformation.
  4. Downtown Crossing is like a ghost town after 7 p . m ., with paper tumbleweeds blowing down Washington Street.
  5. When he left for the return trip to Utah the next day, a snowstorm was blowing down from the mountains.
  6. After blowing down the doors, the Guard rushed in and killed a majority of those inside with automatic weapons fire.
  7. But by then, he was deeply in a groove and closed the game out by blowing down Shawon Dunston on strikes.
  8. On the other hand, areas downwind of mountain ranges are typically dry, owing to prevailing winds blowing down the sloping terrain.
  9. You could test that simply by actrivating the on switch and blowing down the hole ( keetle empty and disconnected ).
  10. The " classrooms " were outdoors in the dirt, with teachers doing lessons behind blackboards that kept blowing down in the dirt.
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