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  1. I mean, she was blowing down that straightaway.
  2. Again, the Wolf retaliates by blowing down, or " dropping down, " the Dew Drop Inn.
  3. Not the way the bullpen is a house of cards blowing down in the Texas prairie wind.
  4. Democrats have also taken their turn at huffing, puffing, and rhetorically blowing down " failing schools ."
  5. The air along the hills becomes cooler and denser, blowing down into the valley, drawn by gravity.
  6. A tornado tore through this city's downtown, blowing down several buildings and homes, and killing two children.
  7. High winds blowing down trees were responsible for power outages which affected 126, 000 people in Northern Ireland.
  8. Meanwhile, the KLM plane was still in good visibility, but with clouds blowing down the runway towards them.
  9. When the West Wind responds, with great fanfare, by blowing down a wall of ice, the lost son appears.
  10. Randy Johnson was the Big Bad Unit again Sunday, blowing down batters, exhibiting fire and smoke, performing to his capabilities.
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