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  1. Or suppose I were to use live bait _ say bloodworms, or eels.
  2. They have also been known to accept frozen bloodworms as part of their diet.
  3. The larvae of some Chironomidae contain haemoglobin and are sometimes referred to as bloodworms.
  4. Although it can be taught to accept flake food in bloodworms, and small insects.
  5. Controversy erupted in 2004 after thousands of bloodworms were found in various public swimming pools.
  6. Another common species is the tufted gilled bloodworm, " G . americana ".
  7. Diet should be bloodworm or daphnia.
  8. Enthusiasts may supplement this diet with shelled peas ( with outer skins removed ), bloodworms.
  9. I dodged a bloodworm's pinchers and halved it, threading each piece on a hook.
  10. Menadier reminded me to " repair " my bloodworm when it began unraveling from the hook.
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