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  1. You don't have to worry about a lot of postwar stucco boxes blighting the area.
  2. These aircraft are blighting our lives, " said the group's chairman, John Stewart.
  3. But in its most complete stages now, it is merely a line of concrete pillars blighting the Bangkok landscape.
  4. Some of the stages in the game are meant to be ironic regarding the blighting nature of Tanzra's demons.
  5. Victory is not enough to console a mother for the loss of her son, and the blighting of her home.
  6. But he said the former employees had not established that the breach had caused them financial loss by blighting their career prospects.
  7. Their proliferation went beyond their ability to remain clandestine, and eventually their dark alchemy led to the blighting of the Legion reality.
  8. But as the dust storms have grown, their impact has been spreading rapidly eastward, blighting the air over the Korean peninsula and beyond.
  9. "We have reached the point where congestion is seriously blighting the lives of an increasing number of people, " he said.
  10. Republicans are also suggesting that Giuliani is blighting his future, a code-word threat that he is sacrificing his supposed ambitions for higher office.
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