blighted in a sentence

blighted meaning in Hindi


  1. It took Moorer through the town's blighted neighborhoods.
  2. The stink of terrorism has blighted and marred this glorious site forever.
  3. In Japan, already blighted by recession, exports suffered.
  4. Who can live a wholesome life in a blighted setting?
  5. In a blighted state by the 1960s, Pullman was relatively inexpensive.
  6. And culinary darkness no longer blighted the face of Manhattan.
  7. Nor is her life either tragic or love-blighted.
  8. But a bleak permanence has settled over their blighted lives.
  9. The last century was blighted by the dictators'cult of personality.
  10. No one argued that the Fort Trumbull neighborhood is blighted, however.
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