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  1. Small amounts of lead and zinc were raised between 1532 and 1891, the principal ores being blende, cerussite and galena.
  2. In 1908 a substantial stone building was erected by F . J . Fairweather and Sons on the corner of Blende and Sulphide Streets.
  3. While examining the spectroscopic lines in zinc blende the French chemist Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran found indications of a new element in the ore.
  4. It blendes musical instruments native to distant countries; such as, Tibet and India, together with instruments from Puerto Rico and South America.
  5. "' Pitche Blende "'was an American garage rock / psychedelic rock band formed in 1967, in Saginaw, Michigan.
  6. The term most often applies to the forces on first-and second-nearest neighboring atoms that arise when an atom is moved in zinc blende structures.
  7. His brother John Champion developed a refined process and patented in 1758 the calcination of zinc sulfide ( zinc blende ) to oxide for use in the retort process.
  8. The use of Sidot's blende ( zinc sulfide ) instead of barium platinocyanide as a luminescence material to make the radioactive rays visible was a commonly accepted improvement.
  9. The Zincblende structure ( also written " zinc blende " ) is named after the mineral zincblende ( sphalerite ), one form of zinc sulfide ( ?-ZnS ).
  10. The mine continued until 1862 producing 3, 906 tons of copper ore, 459 tons of lead ore, 54 tons of blende and 5, 000 ounces of silver.
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