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  1. Available billeting accommodated 268 officers and 2116 men.
  2. Over 17, 000 private houses were used for billeting German soldiers in 1942.
  3. Gallagher was in charge of billeting at McMurdo Station and was also head of recreation.
  4. This was probably done under " hospitalitas ", the rules for billeting army soldiers.
  5. Marks Hall was also used for the billeting of many of the servicemen assigned to Earls Colne,
  6. This probably took place under " hospitalitas ", the rules for billeting army soldiers.
  7. Temporary billeting for men preparing to ship overseas in support of the war replaced the polo field.
  8. The center includes billeting, offices, communications and control centers, hospital and a full cafeteria.
  9. The " Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen " continuously suffered from billeting and alimenting soldiers.
  10. There was also a significant increase of police and military presence in all venues and billeting centers.
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