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  1. Initially the troops were billeted at Grand Pr?and several communities nearby.
  2. Young Marines may be billeted with both certain ranks and certain positions.
  3. Aircrews were billeted five miles away at Grossenkneten for secrecy.
  4. Later German personnel and equipment were also billeted on them.
  5. They were billeted ( housed ) with civilians, usually by force.
  6. The platoon billeted at Lawson Army Air Field near Ft.
  7. Nearly 100 officers were billeted at the club at any one time.
  8. American servicemen were also billeted there for rest and recuperation in 1942.
  9. They are the hunting grounds for American and European men billeted in Barcelona.
  10. Many could be billeted in the Kearsarge's 600-bed hospital.
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