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  1. Banks are allowed a spread of 2 % below the bellwether bill rate.
  2. The 91-day T-bill rate averaged 15 . 501 % last week.
  3. Shorter maturity bill rates also came under selling pressure as rates rose modestly.
  4. 91-Day T-bill Rate Falls to 16 . 398 %, BUSINESS DAILY
  5. Bill rates were up an average 15 basis points in secondary market trading.
  6. Rates on shorter maturity bills rates were up 2 basis points on average.
  7. It also kept the 169-day special T-bill rate unchanged at 16 . 3.
  8. Bill rates were down an average of five basis points in secondary trading.
  9. Shorter maturity bill rates also improved a bit, as did intermediate term notes.
  10. Short-term bill rates rose by an average of three basis points.
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