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bilked meaning in Hindi


  1. Prosecutors said Tuesday Thomas Houser bilked 268 eBay and Yahoo ! shoppers.
  2. John claimed that he and Frank bilked travelers in crooked card games.
  3. Unscrupulous doctors bilked the program for $ 14 million in phony nutrition claims.
  4. They claimed they were bilked out of millions of dollars in the transaction.
  5. Twice, Loy was bilked by his own men.
  6. And there's a strong possibility people could get bilked by shady operators.
  7. Prosecutors say 15 people there bilked investors out of tens of millions of dollars.
  8. Officials said the money would be used to help reimburse investors who were bilked.
  9. Five years later, no one disputes that Cervantes and other customers were bilked.
  10. Yet some tribes have lost millions to consultants who bilked them out of profits.
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