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  1. The most common place for child bicycle seats are in the rear of the bicycle.
  2. It might be good ammunition against a plea for the latest $ 500 designer bicycle seat.
  3. :Do you meant the kind of get that you might get in a bicycle seat?
  4. Clinton saw them both from his bicycle seat, and the image didn't sit well.
  5. The study disputes other research suggesting tight underwear, pollution and bicycle seats might threaten sperm counts.
  6. I have a bicycle seat that twists no matter how much I tighten it to the seatpost.
  7. It attaches to the undersidm Ob a standard bicycle seat with plastic straps that come with the unit.
  8. I was sitting on the bicycle seat, and he was standing on the pedals pumping and steering,
  9. SCI-REALLY ( Undated )-- The claim : Bicycle seats can cause impotence for male riders.
  10. The seats are of black wood, fitted with resilient pads made from a gel originally developed for bicycle seats.
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