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  1. How Caribbean islands fared Monday under Hurricane Bertha's onslaught:
  2. Bertha continues to drive slowly toward the coast of South Carolina.
  3. Bertha was blamed for 10 deaths, mostly in the Caribbean.
  4. Antigua was hit by Luis in 1995 and Bertha in 1996.
  5. Bertha fell mysteriously ill, suffering the same symptoms as Laura.
  6. Bede says that �thelberht received Bertha " from her parents ".
  7. Bertha Franklin said she received numerous death threats after shooting Cooke.
  8. Powell with fellow Sorcerers Dave and Denny Ball formed Big Bertha.
  9. Neither brother was aware of the other s feelings for Bertha.
  10. Dickens's portrayal of the blind girl Bertha is significant.
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