berserks in a sentence

berserks meaning in Hindi


  1. Rogers was known for his berserk reaction after losing a match.
  2. When the procedure failed, he went berserk and kidnapped Liz.
  3. Box office receipts for " Berserk " were considerable.
  4. However, he goes berserk and starts to damage the place.
  5. Then, Yozora's robot appeared and had gone berserk.
  6. In the end, Foggy goes berserk and kills Rubber Legs.
  7. He tries the gas on patient Frost, who goes berserk.
  8. "Srkris, stop acting like you are drunk and berserk.
  9. The French infantry went berserk, massacring many helpless Spanish soldiers.
  10. Thereafter, Musthaffaa turns berserk and kills Kaalaiya's son.
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