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  1. Point-blank range explosions are also capable of killing Berserkers.
  2. The Werejaguar Kate Argent is able to control and create Berserkers.
  3. The mountain is high, and forms part of the Berserker Range.
  4. Weapon Zero teleport to the facility to face the Berserker.
  5. The G�teborg Berserkers are currently the only Australian rules team in Gothenburg.
  6. Roxxon Oil turned him into a berserker with super-human strength.
  7. Those who possess its power become powerful almost mindless Berserker's.
  8. Shogo Kitsukawa, or Berserker, is the Second Fist of Ragnarok.
  9. ;Hob the Berserker : A large male European polecat.
  10. Wong activates the Berserker System and sends it up to 100 %.
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