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bear down on meaning in Hindi


  1. The Gangers, in acid-protection suits, bear down on the chapel.
  2. Bonds said he feels no pressure as he bears down on his beloved godfather.
  3. Meanwhile, a potent Pacific low pressure system will bear down on California, spreading rain inland.
  4. Gore wants to hire additional police and prosecutors who would bear down on such districts.
  5. He then ordered his line to bear down on the British line for close action.
  6. The second destroyer swerved 90?and began to bear down on " Sea Robin ".
  7. Worse, the authors'prose bears down on us with all the nuance of a dropped anvil.
  8. Of course the RPI-7.5 percent overall price cap will continue to bear down on prices.
  9. The weight of a capstone bears down on the rocks below and locks them into place.
  10. We want to try to get second and third chances and bear down on our chances,
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