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  1. Beano nearly misses the set when a stalker-groupie demands sex.
  2. In January 2010 David Lashmar reopened Beanos as STUFF marketplace.
  3. Andy Fanton is currently writing Little Plum in The Beano.
  4. In 1980, The Beano reached a landmark 2000th issue.
  5. Another landmark issue was met in 2008 where The Beano turned 70.
  6. We also invited Beano Cook ( ESPN commentator ).
  7. Right now they only have high-stakes Beano.
  8. College football analyst Beano Cook, 3 p . m . ESPN . com
  9. Ask analyst Beano Cook what he thinks of Georgia Tech's chances.
  10. -- Get Butter-Beano Cook off my TV screen, please.
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