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  1. The 90-day bank bills traded recently at 7 . 56 percent, unchanged from yesterday.
  2. Ninety day bank bills rose to 7.77 percent, the highest since Jan . 7.
  3. establish a preparatory committee to prepare a central bank bill.
  4. Three-month bank bill futures fell 0.16 to 92.54, an implied yield of 7.46 percent.
  5. In 1862, he drafted the Legal Tender Act, and the National Currency Bank Bill.
  6. Ninety-day bank bills, the rate the central bank targets, were quoted at 7.47 percent.
  7. The nation's 90-day bank bills recently traded at 10.27 percent from 10.30 percent Monday.
  8. The monetary conditions index incorporates the rate on 90-day bank bills and the trade-weighted index.
  9. For 90-day bank bill futures see ZBA Cmdty GIP.
  10. Ninty-day bank bills rallied around 20 basis points to 7.85 percent as the currency strengthened.
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