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  1. Offenbach returned to Paris with his reputation and his bank balance both much enhanced.
  2. What has changed is the state's bank balance, he said.
  3. Erin's bank balance stands at $ 74, and her baby is running a fever.
  4. Guggenheim wanted intellectual status to go with her bank balance.
  5. Your request for money will be checked against your bank balance or credit limit.
  6. It certainly isn't a good source for Moore's bank balance.
  7. But all you've discovered are numbers on a bank balance.
  8. Your looking for bank balances, original documents, etc, which is what the auditors reviewed.
  9. Examples of items that are material by nature are bank balances and directors emoluments.
  10. And men are more conscious of their pecking order in terms of bank balances.
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