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  1. Banks advanced, offsetting a decline in auto stocks such as Proton Bhd . and Diversified Resources Bhd.
  2. Banks advanced even as interest rates rose.
  3. The bank advanced him $ 130, 000.
  4. Banks advanced even as interest rates rise.
  5. He served in World War I and returned to the bank advancing up the ladder from assistant cashier.
  6. With the date of Lou Ann's surgery quickly approaching, Gene receives a bank advance on his radio contract.
  7. The bank advanced the money to the taxpayer and had the refund deposited directly into an account as repayment.
  8. Among the banks, Discount Bank advanced 2.75 percent, Bank Hapoalim tacked on 0.75 percent and Bank Leumi rose 0.25 percent.
  9. Sumitomo Bank rose 31 yen ( 89 sen ) to 1, 275 and Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank advanced 34 to 1, 627.
  10. U . K . banks advanced Friday on hopes that lower interest rates will lead to increased borrowing and increased profits.
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