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  1. Eyerman also utilized a concave mirror to photograph the aurora borealis.
  2. The aurora borealis is commonly seen in winter and late autumn.
  3. The clouds of charged particles also produce the aurora borealis, or northern lights.
  4. However, aurora borealis dispels all the depression and energizes them again.
  5. It is the aurora borealis, putting on a cosmic performance.
  6. As researcher he has contributed to the fields of Aurora Borealis and cosmic physics.
  7. Try the Camellia Corner, with lighting fixtures evidently designed to evoke the aurora borealis.
  8. _The sky spectacle of the far north is the aurora borealis, or northern lights.
  9. You believe Ringo Starr is part of the aurora borealis.
  10. The three towers are illuminated after sunset with colors similar to the aurora borealis.
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