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  1. They rent for up to $ 80, 000 a month, and most come equipped with large dining rooms, tables capable of seating more than a dozen guests, massive Cartier or Baccarat chandeliers and Aubusson carpets.
  2. The glossy color brochure shows a mansion with crystal chandeliers and walls padded with silk brocade; with Aubusson carpets and Louis XVI gilt armchairs; with oil paintings of gauzy landscapes, individually illuminated; with veined marble mantlepieces and ornate wrought-iron staircases.
  3. She was also delighted by the authenticity of the sets and costumes _ the carved wooden paneling around a marble fireplace, an Aubusson carpet, the chandeliers and propellers, the furs and feather boas of the rich, the shawls and woolen caps of the immigrants _ and was fascinated by the technology, especially the submersibles that sent cameras inside the real Titanic under two and a half miles of water.
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