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  1. A range of purple, from lavender to blackberry, heliotrope to aubergine.
  2. The breast of chicken and aubergine sandwiches were delicious.
  3. Aubergine carries an intriguing selection of half bottles on its stellar wine list.
  4. Aubergine : 508 29th St ., ( 949 ) 723-4150.
  5. Shaped glassware comes in soft rainbow smokes and aubergines.
  6. Offer a small aubergine as sacrifice to the deity of the Bernoulli equation.
  7. A similar European dish is known as " aubergine fritters ".
  8. The new logo color aubergine represented " excellence " and " warmth ."
  9. The entry hall is plastered in vibrant aubergine.
  10. Although it was built in 1783, Aubergine in Hillsdale wears its age well.
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