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ask out meaning in Hindi


  1. Meanwhile, Peter unsuccessfully tries to ask out Jonah's assistant, Betty Brant.
  2. "He's like the really gorgeous girl in high school that nobody asks out,"
  3. George asks out a woman named Stacy ( Leah Lail ).
  4. If he plays well, he can renegotiate or ask out of the deal.
  5. Two to three times a week, men will ask out Joni at Tiara Rado.
  6. We cannot ask out teams to compete in some competitions and not in others.
  7. Matilda overhears Kim talking to Robbie and saying he will ask out his sister.
  8. He instead asks out Beth, who accepts his dinner date despite having a boyfriend.
  9. In the episode, Raquel leaves Del so in response he asks out another woman.
  10. In  JJ, JJ asks out Lara Lloyd, a fellow co-worker at a confectionery store.
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