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  1. With the ascendance of Anna, eroticism trumps athleticism.
  2. Springsteen, through his publicist, did not comment on his academic ascendance.
  3. The synthesizer's ascendance in the advertising world has made their musicians hungrier.
  4. I note with pleasure the ascendance of right-wing kooks in French elections.
  5. Still, the ascendance of movies is irreversible.
  6. Alternative computerized trading forums are in ascendance and may just as quickly usurp it.
  7. Thus, the ascendance of virtual reality.
  8. The ascendance of a new generation of leaders has also made American Indians more assertive.
  9. And as Keitt watches his ascendance, he entertains fleeting hopes of remaining his trainer.
  10. "I think you'll see a military on the ascendance,"
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