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  1. "Ascaris lumbricoides " eggs are extremely resistant to strong chemicals, desiccation, and low temperatures.
  2. This infection established a baseline case or index case for " Ascaris suum " infection in humans.
  3. Piperazine is a flaccid paralyzing agent that blocks the response of Ascaris muscle to acetylcholine, which immobilizes the worm.
  4. When in January 1941, British Commonwealth forces invaded Ethiopia in January 1941 most of the locally recruited ascaris deserted.
  5. He is known for his pioneer research involving the metabolism of parasitic nematodes ( " Ascaris " ).
  6. The mystery involved the worm called ascaris, which has enormous hemoglobin molecules but thrives in an oxygen-free environment.
  7. Image showing life cycle inside and outside of the human body of one fairly typical and well described helminth : Ascaris lumbricoides
  8. The most abundant macroparasite in humans is the nematode " Ascaris lumbricoides " which causes an infection called ascariasis.
  9. It was described again in 1883, at the level of chromosomes, by Van Beneden in " Ascaris " eggs.
  10. He was the first to demonstrate the direct life cycle of the roundworm " Ascaris lumbricoides " by self-experimentation.
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