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  1. A facsimile of this edition is available from Applewood Books.
  2. Note : Applewood chips are available at local hardware and specialty food stores.
  3. 1 / 2 pound applewood-smoked bacon, divided
  4. Serson Creek and Applewood Creek will have a naturalize mouths featuring a wetlands.
  5. Globe Pequot began to distribute and finance Applewood titles.
  6. 1 cup applewood chips ( see note below)
  7. Ripert uses a double-smoked applewood bacon.
  8. Soak the applewood chips in a large bowl of warm water for 2 hours.
  9. And the small Applewood Books now publishes replicas of the original, unrevised editions.
  10. 1 / 4 pound applewood smoked bacon, diced
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