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answer back meaning in Hindi


  1. The Red Sox failed to answer back, and lost Game 2, 13 6.
  2. But others fear that when he did answer back, he spoiled his pristine image.
  3. He added : " Chuck Schumer is going to answer back every day ."
  4. "When I call him ` Axl,'he seems to answer back.
  5. "If we don't answer back this week it diminishes what we did last week.
  6. With this, you can get answers back without spending a lot of time looking,
  7. Moreover, D'Amato has been advertising while only Schumer has the money to answer back.
  8. Davis keeps up his salty, caustic criticism and Fox finally stands and answers back.
  9. Sometimes the delegates answer back in toe-to-toe, finger-pointing shouting matches.
  10. In 2006 R & B singer Amerie recorded the'answer back'version.
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